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Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Installed

Transform Your Home into a Cozy Retreat

One of my most favorite childhood memories is laying next to our blazing fireplace on a cold winter day.  Now our fireplace in no way resembled the picture on the left of this page.  It was an open hearth brick fireplace with only a flue between us and the outside air and only a mesh chain between us and the fire.  Each year the chimney would catch fire from the accumulated creosote.  Every room in the house, except the living room (which held the fireplace) was cold from the drafts created when air inside the home was consumed by the fire.  I would guess that more than 90% of the heat generated by the burning logs exited the flue and with it our family’s hard earned dollars.

How times have changed!  Today there are a number of different styles and designs for wood burning fireplace inserts that will transform any fireplace from a less than optimal, waster of energy to a 60-80% energy efficient, ecofriendly heat source.  These inserts are designed to fit into the fireplace thereby sealing the home from unwanted heat loss in winter, cooling loss in summer, and money loss from your pocket–and they do this in elegant style.  Whereas creosote build up and soot was a major concern in the past, these well designed inserts eliminate virtually all of the emissions from the burning logs.  This is accomplished with models that utilize either catalytic converters or secondary combustion.  In addition, heat transfer from the heat source to the room can be supplemented by use of quiet electric blowers.

Select an energy efficient, environmentally friendly wood burning fireplace insert to transform your home into a cozy retreat and save you loss of money in heating and cooling costs!